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Publication: Temes de Disseny #36: Design Futures Now: Literacies & Making

Text by CLOT Magazine

Temes de Disseny, the yearly publication of ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, is back with Design Futures Now: Literacies and Making, an issue focused on the challenge of framing design’s role in futures making through a series of contemporary scientific works. 

What does design have to do with futures thinking? When futures thinking works alongside design practice so that new artefacts, visions and scenarios can be materialised and visualised, design also acts as a futures research tool. It increasingly constitutes a transdisciplinary research domain as ‘Design Futures’. This collection offers some ways Design Futures may be understood further as entailing the abilities and literacies to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange, say this year’s guest editors Andrew Morrison and Laura Clèries. 

Design Futures Now: Literacies and Making addresses various topics concerning how to design literacies and design making may be understood as ‘future-facing’. By doing so, they convey the ways and means design practice and design education may be positioned and activated to work prospectively and be ahead of current concerns with environmental, social and ethical challenges. Design Futures is a discipline with its own literacies and making methodologies, and it aims to address the world’s complexity and phenomena by delivering options and opportunities for alternative presents.

On Tuesday 13th October, 7:00 pm (CET), Morrison and Laura Clèries will present the new issue with an online conversation addressing why and how of Design Futures and the scientific articles that conform to this issue. It will be open to the whole community for a debate plus a Q&A.

For registration, follow the link here.

(Media courtesy of ELISAVA)
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