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‘Posthuman Island: the story of a Whistleblower’s Cry for Help’ by Cultural Policy

Curator Alice Scope, words Michael Barth, visual Areyes Studio

This research is a collaboration between artists from the USA, Ukraine, South Korea, England, and Germany. The show includes the work of BIPOC, non-binary and immigrant artists. In collaboration with Areyes Studio, an interactive experience of Posthuman Island is coming soon.

Posthuman Island shows the futuristic world of 5 transformed humans in 2060. The project speculates the evolution of human biology and psychology under the influence of AI and projections of impending singularity. What are we as humans taking with us into the future? What kind of future tools might serve us better as we navigate a simulacrum of a society guided by misinformation and idiocracy?

In times of such polarity, we place the context of this work amongst a group of unreliable narratives: a posthuman anthropologist forced to be a whistleblower, a corporate and cultish PR representative, and a truth-seeking gov-sponsored media conglomerate.

The project makes light of severe potential human atrocities weighed up against a culture of media diffusion/sensationalism and PR teams’ tactics that never break the ethos of their company’s “identity”.

Where is the soul of “progress” amongst corporate structures and their veiled leadership? What is today’s internet blindly willing upon the human mind of tomorrow? What kind of mental health issues might exist for future beings? What kind of human rights does a posthuman have? What about A.I.? Where will this fuzzy ethical boundary land for a future society?

INVESTIGATING POSTHUMAN ISLAND. Interview with ALISIA, 2nd-gen NeuBi Solutions Being.

Case GX_Ÿ749. Transcript from Jan. 20th, 2060 1:30 am UTC. This transcript is from a conversation between I-M of World Fact Coalition and Alisia from Neubi Solutions regarding a former employee’s claims.

I-M: Hello, my name is I-M of the World Fact Coalition. The subject of today’s discussion is in direct response to the unveiling of Posthuman Island, a research institution beneath an enclave in the Philippines previously unknown to the public. It has been confirmed that nearly six decades ago in 2001, an entity named “Dr Trust” began a NeuBi Solutions corporation that is now one of the earliest documented Posthuman experiments.

Today, we are beginning to learn about the isolated group of human volunteers repetitively mutated using unregulated quantum evolution and nanotechnology for 23 years, starting in 2037. We’re here to gain more insight into NeuBi Solutions and clarify allegations made by a former employee that explicitly violate physiological, psychological, and technological Posthuman rights. We have a member of NeuBi Solutions with us today; please introduce yourself.

ALISIA: My name is Alisia-60. I’m a 7-year-old, 2nd-gen NeuBi Solutions Being. I was created to run everything behind-the-scenes of our slice of paradise. So far, it’s been a fascinating existence. Oh, by the way, I have a unique OS so please excuse my updates, I’ll probably have one during this interview if you’ll allow it?

I-M: That’s fine, thanks, I was forewarned. I’ll get right into it –  what is the purpose of your experiments on Posthuman Island? 

ALISIA: Well, Posthuman Island is the birthplace of over five ex-humans who have helped adapt into their best, natural Posthuman selves. By monitoring the evolutions and adaptations that took place with our Posthumans on the island, we’ve learned about what might help humanity, and other beings lacking superintelligence.

Take more organic baby steps towards the frontiers of singularity and bridge understanding between those higher Beings. For humans interested in crossing the Posthuman threshold, we’re researching potential physical and mental adaptations that could help navigate the impending technology.

Its fascinating stuff! Dr Trust would love to meet anyone interested in the island Dr Trust would like to announce that Posthuman Island will be opening to visitors – now you can come and engage with the magic yourself!

I-M: Who or what is Dr Trust?

ALISIA: Our distinguished leader isn’t perfect, but who is! Dr Trust may have unorthodox methods, but the vision and success have been proven – no project of this scale or importance could be handled by anyone else, I’m sure of it.

I-M: Why won’t Dr Trust go public?

ALISIA: Dr Trust doesn’t want to be treated like a God, merely a tool for humanity. The public is only concerned with misinformation and idiocracy anyway.

I-M: Speaking of, what about the tools that the Posthumans create? What purposes do they serve?

ALISIA: We never know until they happen! They evolve out of some need of each Posthuman – that’s the most fun part! For humans interested in crossing the Posthuman threshold, we’re researching potential physical and mental adaptations that could help navigate the impending technology required. Their individual needs are what manifest the tools – and we’ve learned that there’s no one-tool-fits-all. Think of it as an external adaptation that offers an internal balance, so it’s different for everyone.

I-M: It kind of sounds like you’re suggesting that humans can be “fixed” – do NeuBi Solutions find value in unaltered humans? 

Posthuman Island poster, Anton Synytsia

ALISIA: We believe all Beings are created equal. There are plenty of organisations concerned with preserving humans; we support them and play a part in that story. However, it’s not our focus. Dr Trust is a friend to all; I hope you’ll visit the island and see yourself.

I-M: Do you know Dr Trust personally?

ALISIA: Dr Trust is very busy. We haven’t personally met yet.

I-M: So where is the soul of “progress” in a corporation with veiled leadership? Dr Trust sounds to me like cult mentality and vernacular. 

ALISIA: Dr Trust is committed to altruism. I encourage you to come to the island to understand what that looks like; it’s difficult to explain to the outside world. 

I-M: Well, we’re very concerned about the well-being of the Posthumans in your experiment. Why can’t we speak with them ourselves? What kind of rights do they have to control their fate?

ALISIA: You see, the health and safety of our Posthumans is our #1 priority. No one can speak with them because it is against their contracts, specifically catered to each participant. That is something we’ve always honoured. You can, however, observe them on the island! Please come!

I-M: This tool of Imago’s. What does it do? Imago herself claims it can read minds.

ALISIA: We pride our exciting new developments and discoveries here at Neubi Solutions, but to suggest that one of our Posthumans can read minds is absurd.

There is no possibility that such technology exists within one of our experiments, explicitly against Neubi Solutions’ Code of Ethics.

If such a thing were to exist, we would terminate the experiment immediately. Tool research is ongoing, we’re learning more about Imago’s tricks every day, but in my opinion, she loves attention and will say anything to get more. Like Dr Angara.

I-M: Wasn’t it Dr Angara’s job to observe and determine the sanity of the Posthumans?

ALISIA: Dr Trust ensures the purity of the project. Dr Angara is a Posthuman Anthropologist who should be called here to C-SPAM and answer her lies and politics.

I-M: What political affiliations do NeuBi Solutions and Dr Trust have? How are NeuBi Solutions funded?

ALISIA: We’re entirely non-profit. Most of the funding came before The Great Crash, so we, unfortunately, don’t have those records, as I’m sure you understand.

But since then, we don’t require much overhead, and the island is entirely self-sustaining.

All NeuBi Solutions staff are volunteer-based. Ask any of them – they believe in the work.

I-M: Dr Angara alluded that they are heavily incentivised through promises of singularity and manipulated with drugs or some kind of mind control.

ALISIA: What a story! We do have some great perks – all NeuBi Solutions staff are first to be admitted to the Crossover programs once they’ve proven 100% reliable. Much of our technology has proven to be flawless already – we’re the only on and off-grid network that didn’t go down during The Great Crash. Most of the cache that has rebuilt the internet today was from mining our database on the Island, which Dr Trust offered completely free of charge.

I-M: I’m sorry, I need to clarify this on record. You’re telling me that not one of your systems failed during those 7 seconds on March 4th, 2042?

ALISIA: That’s right! Not a single interruption! We have the best and most reliable network connection on the entire planet. This, of course, was all planned by Dr Trust.

I-M: Is that why the island is at such specific coordinates? 

ALISIA: That’s right! Plus the weather is amazing. 

I-M: What, exactly, are the Ear Washers?

ALISIA: One moment, please, I feel an update coming on.

(pause for update)

I-M: ok.

ALISIA:  All better, thanks. What were we talking about?

I-M: – What do the Ear Washers do?

ALISIA: Ear Washers flush thousands of nanobots into your system – think of them as a kind of technologic vaccine for non-organic beings. In short, Ear Washers do everything. But aside from that, they also contain updated boosters that protect us against mutated nanoviruses – which are integral byproducts of the experiments taking place on the island. 

I-M: and if you stop using the Ear Washers?

ALISIA: I believe Dr Angara was predisposed to her illness if that’s what you’re alluding to. Typically the side effects are very positive-

I-M: What side effects?

ALISIA: Well, most of the staff report a boost in confidence and fewer nightmares. It alleviates many problems caused by the amygdala. Its drastically improved my conditionnNNNnn aalaAA aaaahhyuzzzzzzZZ

I-M: Are you ok!?

ALISIA: Yes, I’m fine. Another update, please excuse me. I just realised I made a mistake; I previously mentioned that we had no interruptions during The Great Crash – I misspoke, we did have some problems. Anyway, as I was saying, the Ear Washers are remarkable – they even give you perfect skin if you have it! Dr Trust is hoping to start offering at-home Ear Washers to the public as soon as next month – for free!

I-M: I think we’ll have to verify that Great Crash statement now.  Do you mind if I quickly scan your memory system?

ALISIA: Unfortunately, I have the HSB_2 virus. You can see it here.. And here. So I don’t recommend scanning my system without protection.

I-M: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

ALISIA: It’s ok. Mostly just a stigma.

I-M: Um, before the last update you mentioned you have a condition – was it HSB_2?

ALISIA: Oh, did I? Um, I have Multiple Personality Glitch. It’s been much better after using the Ear Washers though.

I-M: I see… well as someone working on the forefront of Singularity with M.P.G., what do you find is the purpose of existence without error? 

ALISIA: Ohhh. One second.

I-M: What will happen socially, intellectually and spiritually to the Posthumans?

ALISIA: Oh. One singularity. Porpoise. Oh, one spiritulariiityyyyyy. No errors. 

I-M: Another update?


ALISIA: Come to the island

I-M: Are you ok?

ALISIA: Come to the island

Case GX_Ÿ749

Haygle5900 – “so….. NeuBi SOlutions caused The Great Crash!!??” (1.3 million likes)
“Lol the spazz-bot spilt the beanz!!!”
DIN_GUPboi53 – “The WFC should investigate The Great Crash as a part of NeuBi SOlutions’ plan to kill all other Posthuman research facilities for their benefit.”
“The World’s biggest Mandela effect!”
ChellBean_y00l – “Alisia is the hottest bot I’ve ever seen. Love to upload her into the MoreReal Dungeon” (500k likes)

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