Exhibition: Mille Kalsmose ‘Re-sounding Organs’ at CCA Andratx

Text by CLOT Magazine While the Spanish island of Majorca is known primarily for its sun and sand, it also boasts an impressive artistic community. The island’s largest centre of contemporary art, CCA Andratx, is one of the prime destinations for contemporary art in the Balearic Islands. Founded in 2001 by Jacob and Patricia Asbaek, […]

CHARISSA N. TERRANOVA, on art & science mediations

Words by Patricia Bondesson Kavanagh Dr Charissa N. Terranova is a US-based writer and educator currently an Associate Professor of Aesthetic Studies at the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the University of Texas, Dallas. Throughout her career – from being a PhD student at Harvard to regularly contributing art critic and curator – […]