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Exhibition: Mille Kalsmose ‘Re-sounding Organs’ at CCA Andratx

Text by CLOT Magazine

While the Spanish island of Majorca is known primarily for its sun and sand, it also boasts an impressive artistic community. The island’s largest centre of contemporary art, CCA Andratx, is one of the prime destinations for contemporary art in the Balearic Islands. Founded in 2001 by Jacob and Patricia Asbaek, CCA Andratx offers an Artist-In-Residence program in conjunction with the presentation of international art by CCA Kunsthalle.

So far, 500 artists from 20 countries have participated in 3-6 week programs in CCA Andratx’s four studios. CLOT Magazine had the pleasure of seeing the opening show of one of its Artist-in-Residence, Mille Kalsmose, on July 29th.  

Kalsmose’s solo show, Re-sounding Organs*, provides a deep dive into shapes, materials, and sound that has defined her work for the past two years. The show includes a site-specific installation, Re-sounding Organs, that uses a basin, the length of the artist’s body, filled with floating algae. The basin emits ritualistic chanting, providing a spiritual atmosphere surrounding the piece and vibrations ripple across its exposed face.

The show also includes a two-part joint site-specific piece, Dis-embodied #1 and #2, that builds on Kalsmose’s background in clay and colour in a series of vertically-oriented elements situated in the atrium courtyard of CCA Andratx.

The colour and forms are intended to give visibility to psychological states. The practice of making the inner life, both physical and mental, visible through the use of sound is a reoccurring theme of Kalsmose’s work. This show expands and builds on the body of work that renders the invisible – visible.  

(All photos courtesy of the artist and CCA Andratx. *Re-sounding Organs is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation)
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