ELI KESZLER, capturing the transitory edge of stillness

Interview by Silvia Iacovcich Experimental percussionist, composer and visual artist Eli Keszler challenges the reminiscence of the past two years through his latest project, Icons, out now via Lucky Me. As we quickly try to come back to what once was, Keszler’s album explores the varicoloured scenery we have been navigating during the pandemic and […]

Ars Electronica Garden LASER by Leonardo/ISAST: [Anti]disciplinary Topographies

Text by CLOT Magazine Leonardo/ISAST is participating this year at Ars Electronica with [Anti]disciplinary Topographies: Culturing transnational dialogue for creative hybridity, an Ars Electronica Garden that gathers Leonardo’s global network of artists, scientists, humanists and technologists together in a series of hybrid formats addressing the world’s most pressing issues and cultivates values of equity and […]