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Ars Electronica Garden LASER by Leonardo/ISAST: [Anti]disciplinary Topographies

Text by CLOT Magazine

Leonardo/ISAST is participating this year at Ars Electronica with [Anti]disciplinary Topographies: Culturing transnational dialogue for creative hybridity, an Ars Electronica Garden that gathers Leonardo’s global network of artists, scientists, humanists and technologists together in a series of hybrid formats addressing the world’s most pressing issues and cultivates values of equity and inclusion by elevating underrepresented voices in a wide-ranging exploration of global challenges, digital communities and placemaking, space, networks and systems, the digital divide—and the impact of interdisciplinary art, science and technology discourse and collaboration. 

In the talk, Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Vision: Humanizing Digital Culture with the New Creativity Agenda & the UNSDGs, Leonardo/ISAST CEO Diana Ayton-Shenker will present her vision for shaping our global future. 

The program also includes Epicurus Garden on Fire, a choreographic VR artwork with a brain-computer interface about Brazil’s environmental crisis from LASER São Paulo; Microbes Performing in Zoom: Uncertain Co-Authors, a hybrid live performance about the mutual decline of microbial and linguistic diversity from LASER Vienna; The Laboratory for Embodied Intelligences, a creative exploration of embodied thinking, as evidenced by microbial behaviour from LASER Pasadena.

Moana Digitalities: A Talanoa, a conversation about digitalisation’s potential to bring Moana communities a more equitable and inclusive future from LASER Auckland, and Adaptation and Interconnected Agencies: Designs for a Cooler Planet/ Helsinki Design Week in Otaniemi, a panel discussion addressing environmental, geopolitical and perceptual changes affecting living and non-living entities in the Arctic region from LASER Helsinki/Espoo, among many other interesting proposals. 

Ars Electronica Garden LEONARDO LASER runs from September 8 to 12.

(Media courtesy of Leonardo/LASER)
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