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Artists Residency: The Center Of Multisensory Art

Text by CLOT Magazine

The Center Of Multisensory Art (COMA) is a space dedicated to the exploration and experimentation of the forgotten senses that is running an artist residency program where three artists are selected to develop a final piece of multisensory art. The jury, a group of interaction designers, performance artists and speculative designers, has already selected the three artists who will join the residency program. For the next months, they will be exploring the themes of neuroscience, technology such as haptic technology and the growing field of experience design, all within the context of art.

Sophia Ioannou Gjerding was the first artist who joined the program. Her practice encompasses animation film and sound to text and installation. She is interested in ‘understanding contemporary cultural image production and how recent imaging technology creates new visual perspectives and spatial dimensions’. Sophia Ioannou Gjerding is presenting her mixed media installation Heard a Moth Flap at the End of a Track tomorrow, Tuesday. In Heard a Moth Flap at the End of a Track,  Ioannou Gjerding has been working on how artificial intelligence ‘understand’ an image by analysing thousands of images of archived insects at the entomological collection at Lund.

The second artist is Emelie Carlen. She is part of the artist duo called Supramen. Together with Emmeli Person, she has developed and investigated ways of communicating artwork, architecture, and public spaces with senses other than primary sight. For this residency, Emelie Carlen will be working on the tactile matter. Through her sculpture practice and combined with her knowledge from working with Supramen, she will experiment with materials that are supposed to be touched while being blindfolded. The third and final artist joining us will be performing artist and dancer Anne Naukkarinen, who will perform her residency in researching the voice as an archive.

COMA is organising side events related to sensory meditation called Stimuli from this December 6 to March 12, 2019. Focusing on a different sense (touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste), the series is an experiential journey of the world around us through our five senses.

(All photos courtesy of COMA)
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