XXII Milano Triennale: Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival


Starting on the 1st of March 2019 and concluding six months later on the 1st of September, the Triennale di Milano museum will be hosting it’s twenty-second instalment of the International Exhibition, a triennial tradition that was first established in 1923; an exposition of decorative arts and design, the exhibit brings together international participants to explore one large overarching theme through creative mediums.

The upcoming triennale, titled Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, will investigate sustainability, restorative design, and the relationships between humanity and its environments, those that we have created and those that we have destroyed. In addressing an incredibly fast-paced, rapidly changing, consumer based culture, Broken Nature will delve into the persistence and existence of humans and how they have been affected by, and altered, the natural state of the earth. A complex and mutable topic, the exhibition will be multidisciplinary, incorporating not only elements of design but also those of science, technology, and engineering.

Broken Nature will consist of six major commissioned works and an exhibition of several pre-existing projects. In addition to these installations, on June 18th 2018 a symposium was held at the museum in order to introduce to the public the key topics of the upcoming triennale. The one-day event was free and open to anyone who would have liked to engage in stimulating discussion, and featured prominent speakers such Paola Antonelli, the head curator of Broken Nature.

The symposium was the first of its kind, and one of the many public outreach programs implemented by the museum in order to better understand their audience and use them as a source of research. In conversation with their patrons, curators, artists, designers, and scientists alike may learn from the public and draw upon their unique and personal experiences in relation to the main theme. The discussion proves to serve not just as a means of conversation, but also as an intellectual work that may be isolated and fit itself into the very exhibit itself.



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Website www.brokennature.org
(All photos courtesy of Broken Nature)


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