Summit: Biofabricate Conference 2022, new frontiers in Biodesign

On June 6-7 Biofabricate, the annual summit on grown materials returns to New Lab in Brooklyn to celebrate the first in-person iteration after the 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Founded by Suzanne Lee, since its inception the Summit has brought together the global community of biodesigners, entrepreneurs, biologists, and thinkers for a single face-paced day to document and discuss biotechnology in the new material revolution.

This year’s conference will be for the first time, extended to a 2-day event. Day 1 will uncover the latest research and meet early-stage innovators starting their biofabrication journeys while Day 2 will facilitate the industry conversations we feel are missing elsewhere. DESIGN is the differentiator at Biofabricate with a team comprised of some of the creative visionaries who have led this field for a decade or more. We believe designing with biology presents the greatest opportunity for reimagining our material world, in service to the preservation of our planet.

Their curated Design Lab will showcase the concepts, prototypes and products that reveal where we are heading. We’ll identify and explore the opportunities, issues, leaders, and trends while including the presentation of a mystery material.

Some of the speakers include names such as Amy Congdon, Catherine Roggero-Lovisi of modern meadow, Ginko Bioworks, Ali Schachtschneider for Spiber, Maurizio Montalti, Helene Steiner from Open Cell among many others.

Suzanne Lee and Cyrill Gutsch (CEO Parley for the Oceans) will address the closing session. One more year, Biofabricate is shaping up to be the premier spot for seeing the future of grown materials from algae, bacteria to mushrooms and yeast.

Text by CLOT Magazine

(Photos courtesy of Biofabricate)

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