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CLOT Magazine highlights & recommendations: SEPTEMBER 2023

BITE Official Music, NAKED (2020). Video still.

Exhibitions and events (by Piotr Bockowski)

Drew McDowall (from COIL) at EXIST festival, cafe OTO London, 9 September 2023

Exist is a festival and event series founded in Palestine to build bridges between artists, musicians, DJs and curators from Palestine and across the globe. Its broad, transnational families are united in a desire to use art to impact their environments critically and through their engagement with anti-colonialism in the context of Palestine and beyond. Exist bring together film, talks, music, performance, and dance from underground veterans such as Choronzon, Drew McDowall, and Exist heads Kujo and Dirar Kalash. More info.

Verboto 7 years anniversary with NAKED live, E1 London, 15 September 2023

Klub Verboten launched in 2016 and is a provider of contemporary pro-pervert spaces. A community bound by modern human interaction. A grassroots movement matured into tens of thousands of caring Kinksters. Dedicated to the spatial, sonic and visual understanding of future BDSM / fetish practises and culture, we set the gold standard in safeguarding. Stagnant-prescribed erotic orthodoxies are no longer. Ditch your sex-corp. dating app. Leave the nuclear warfare GHB at home. Play is okay. More info.

Ingrid Kraftchenko at London Fashion Week, Barbican, 17 September 2023

The Ingrid Kraftchenko label was founded by radical British creative, activist, and fashion designer Ingrid Kraftchenko, a British/Ukrainian Fashion Designer born in Dungeness, Sussex. Previously trained in Architecture, she graduated from Womenswear London College of Fashion (2017). Ingrid Kraftchenko is a means to a radical, subversive British uniform and utilitarian pieces for the anti-fashion youth. The label has gained critical acclaim for its utilitarian avant-garde designs and challenging modern luxury. More info.

The Judgement Hall festival II st John Church, London, 22 to 24 September 2023

After the success of their inaugural festival last year, The Judgement Hall returns with three days of Avant-Garde Heavy Music, Cinematography and Performing Arts, entering the megalithic St John church and the Neo-Byzantine chamber of St Barnabas Church. To mark the occasion, they present their most ambitious and detailed curation to date marking their Six-year Anniversary. More info.

Body mutations short film program Unleashed Reverie: Fluidity in Motion, Richmix London, 23 September 

Part of London Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, Body Mutations short film program Unleashed Reverie: Fluidity in Motion blends queerness, sentiment, imagination, and reflection with films that explore the density of our identity and emotions through the power of bodies and graphics in motion. More info.

On our playlist (by Irem Erkin)

Caterina BarbieriMath of You track from Myuthafoo LP, Light Years 2023 (link)

Wata IgarashiFloating Against Time from Agartha LP, Kompakt 2023 (link)

Moullinex & GPU Panic, several tracks in Discotexas (link)

Ólafur Arnalds live from Hafursey, Iceland for Cercle 2023 (link)

Ricardo Laine, The High Tide Asleep in Their Myst, Pinkman 2023 (link)

(Header image: Ingrid Kraftchenko)
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