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Conversation Video Premiere: ‘Talking Climate Chaos’ by Loom Senses

Text by CLOT Magazine

Loom Collective is an artistic collective made up of a diverse international group of young professionals based in Barcelona. Loom Collective seeks to explore the meaning of art in the digital age and new ways of connecting with the audience. Since 2018 they have been producing the annual interdisciplinary art festival Loom festival. When the pandemic hit Spain Loom festival, like many other festivals, was postponed.

Then Loom Collective came up with a new initiative Loom Senses, a space for reflection with philosophers, artists, researchers and journalists – thinkers that they wanted to include in Loom’s discourse, with their points of view on current issues such as the climate crisis, institutional racism, clubbing as a social tool, gender politics. 

Loom Senses is not intended to be different from other initiatives but to share common grounds with cultural projects that, like us, are trying to share and spread the word of important issues and create awareness. We want to give visibility to what we, as young creatives, would like to be reading, listening and feeling. Our multidisciplinary lenses are what characterise our content. 

Loom Senses aims to be that connector where people from different backgrounds sharing common interests collaborate and create synergies. We want to present projects that represent the step between ideas and taking action, and that are actively involved in generating awareness and reinventing our society. It is not a coincidence that what they all have in common in their processes is community building and participation. Explain people at Loom Collective about this new initiative.

In Climate Chaos: Conscious Actions for the Creative Industries, the video CLOT is premiering today, Kiki Calis, Ana Sting, Akasha Hub and Green City Lab have an interesting conversation where they re-evaluate and reflect on the new normality that’s been presented to us by our governments and how society has accepted, or not, and moulded itself to it.

To get to know them a bit more: Amsterdam-based sustainable creative Kiki Calis connects people and makes them aware of their impact on the planet. Multidisciplinary artist Ana Sting who has also collaborated with the collective Extinction Rebellion, in 2019 started The Now Series –compelling conversations with communities from all around to analyse privileges to take action and responsibility. Akasha Hub is a decentralised community based in Barcelona.

And last but not least, Green City Lab is one of Akasha Hub’s projects, a citizen initiative and community action born in response to the need to transform an obsolete model of the city and promote a transition towards urban life based on the criteria of environmental regeneration.

Stay tuned to no miss what’s next for Loom Senses. After the first series The Awakening: From the Unconscious to Conscious Actions they are already working on the second one: a series that will explore digital identity narratives. 

(Media courtesy of Loom Senses)
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