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Design: Nagami Design 3D prints protective masks to help fight COVID-19

Text by CLOT Magazine

Nagami Design is a design brand that explores new and sustainable territories, bridging imagination and creation. Their practice involves developing software that will bring to life works of 3D printing, computational design, and robotic manufacturing. During an interview held two years ago, they told CLOT Magazine that Digital manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, are indeed contributing to creating more sustainable and safer environments. 

In awake of the latest news of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it’s hitting Spain, in particular, Madrid and its surrounding provinces, such as Castilla y León, where Nagami Design is based, they are leading an initiative to accelerate the production of personal protection masks to protect local and global medical staff against COVID-19.

This is by far the most important project we’ve ever worked on, but also one we wish we’d never had to start. Our generation has knowledge and digital tools that have become truly meaningful. There is no product to sell, no market to compete in. This is a challenge for all of us, and we’d like to encourage everyone with tools of any kind to reach out and contribute to helping bring safety back into our world, assert Nagami Design’s founders.

Nagami Design has put its furniture production on hold to focus exclusively on producing robotic 3D printed COVID-19 Masks based on the Prusa model, which is open source and can be reproduced by desktop 3D printers. By designing a specific robotic version of the model and thanks to its extrusion technology, Nagami Design is printing around 500 COVID-19 Masks per day. 

Hospitals across Spain are running at beyond maximum capacity and their need for safe medical equipment has grown exponentially since the outbreak. 3D printing has emerged as the ultimate tool for local manufacturing, reducing the production chain to the bare minimum. With COVID-19 emergency, this technology provides the opportunity to efficiently produce affordable tools, which are now essential to help save lives. This is indisputably the most important challenge we have faced as designers and makers, but also the best use of design intuition and technology, affirm Nagami Design’s founders.

(Media courtesy of Nagami Design)
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