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Editor’s Pick: support artists on Bandcamp Friday

Text by Stephen McLaughlin

A Ravishment of Mirror, pinkcourtesyphone (2018)

At CLOT Magazine, we feature many artists and their works dealing with speculative futures regarding technology, nature, capital and health, but the current COVID-19 crisis is showing in the here and now just how fragile these systems are to disruption. The models of the music industry, in particular, are under serious strain given their reliance on live events and festivals which are being cancelled in droves. Many artists who are already living in extremely precarious circumstances are suddenly losing their only source of funding for potentially the next few months.

In response to this, online music store Bandcamp is giving all of its fees for the rest of today straight to the artists. Bandcamp has long been seen as the best way to support artists directly so this is the best way to ensure the majority of purchase makes its way to artists. We thought it would be apt that we put together a list of artists we have featured and are dear to us, please be generous.  We need to ensure our artistic community can still flourish through this crisis and ensure exciting, challenging musics are not silenced.

Kepla – Within The Gaze, A Shadhavar (Alien Jams, 2019)

Deforrest Brown Jr – Speaker Music (Planet Mu, 2019)

Sote – Parallel Persia (Diagonal, 2019)

Richard Skelton – Border Ballads (Aeolian Editions, 2019)

Richard Chartier – Absention (Bandcamp exclusive, 2020)

Floating Spectrum – A point Between (Temporary Residence Limited, 2019)

Zachary Paul – A Meditation on Discord (Touch, 2019)

Dylan Henner  – A Reason for Living (Phantom Limb, 2019)

An Trinse and Il Santo Bevitore (An Trinse, 2020)

(Media courtesy of Richard Chartier)
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