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Event: Irruptive Chora’s HYPERSPACE, new hybrid ways of making & sharing art

Text by Irruptive Chora

Irruptive Chora is a collaborative curatorial platform founded in London by artist Ania Mokrycka and curator Agata Kik. Working across physical and virtual spaces, they initiate meaningful encounters nurturing ideas of reciprocity and interdependence and attempting to build sustainable relationships in both proximity and distance.

Culminating art research project HYPERSPACE, an experimental year-long P2P inquiry into new hybrid ways of making and sharing art, curatorial collective Irruptive Chora presents on February 18 at Iklectik Art Lab, a day-long event. With this event, Irruptive Chora invites audiences into accessible affective space for multi-sensorial encounters with technology-focused works, audio-visual performances, talks and workshops to coincide with the launch of their interactive online platform.

Throughout the last 12 months, the artist collective regularly met for workshops led by diverse creative practitioners and accessibility consultants. They shared space through the screen, experimenting with digital intimacy, gathered around a pond at the oldest housing cooperative in London or met in a forest at an Iron Age hill fort.

Scattered across diverse dimensions, they drank mugwort, infused acorns, and interacted with AI machines while their collective voice was synthesised to translate their embodied experiences into an everlasting ethereal entity. With some always connecting at an international distance, simultaneously syncing with others in physical proximity, they merged their unequally distributed presences to test new, more inclusive ways of being together and making and sharing work within the ruined art ecosystems.

The event they present on February 18 compresses body memories and imprints new traces inviting the public into the space of spherical thinking and hyperspatial feeling. Addressing accessibility of and within arts, HYPERSPACE welcomes special guest artists to translate their exhibition experience into speech and sign language. 

Guiding the visitors through sound, screen-based and sculptural works coexisting in the physical space, they invite the audience to reinvent HYPERSPACE’s collective memory through touch, taste and smell. Continuing her performance work, qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapy artist Ekin Bernay is collecting hearts from the audience.

At the same time, AI-whisperer K Allado-McDowell virtually shares their secrets of machine mysticism. Other artists, contributors, and accessibility consultants include Tanya Moulson, Natalia Janula, Lea Collet, Sara Rodrigues, Ada Hao, Rachel McRae, Ramona Güntert, Maja A. Ngom, Pietro Bardini, Sotiris Gonis, Erik Lintunen, Ania Mokrzycka, Agata Kik, Hollie Miller & Craig Scott, Verity Birt & Tom Sewell, Marcin Pietruszewski, Mikołaj Szatko, David Williams and Tarik Haskic, David Johnson, Atay Ilgun & Cyrus Vahidi, and Linda Rocco. 

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(Image courtesy of Irruptive Chora)
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