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Exhibition: ‘F.U.S.E. Dimensions’ at The Store X London

Text by CLOT Magazine

Many artists have been fascinated by futuristic ideas and SciFi and this interest seems to have resurfaced in the last few years. In this sense, Richie Hawtin is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his F.U.S.E. (an abbreviation for Futuristic Underground Subsonic Experiments) project. The artist is Presenting ‘Dimensions’, a multimedia exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic F.U.S.E. albums from 1993.

His PLUS8 Record label and The Vinyl Factory are releasing the re-mastered albums ‘Dimension Intrusion’ and ‘Train-Tracs’ in a limited edition vinyl box set on the occasion. In a world premiere the release includes another yet unreleased F.U.S.E. album: Computer Space was originally recorded the same year and completed the extended range of Hawtin’s recording persona.

The exhibition presents the original artworks by visual artist Matthew Hawtin and premiers the unreleased F.U.S.E. album Computer Space in an exclusive listening session before its official release. For the first time, the visual and sonic works that mutually inspired the artists are merged to a cohesive experience for a public audience.

Dimension Intrusion is Richie Hawtin’s first album under this moniker, which was largely inspired by sci-fi movies and a collection of available synthesizers and drum machines. On this album, Richie first collaborated with his brother, the visual artist Matthew Hawtin, presenting an original painting completed in 1992 as the album artwork. In fact, the album title was derived from the painting’s title, Dimension Intrusion, demonstrating the reciprocal inspiration shared between the brothers. The composition of geometrical beams in bold primary colours and sharp lines evokes electrically charged movement and progression in and out of different dimensions. 

The exhibition is now running until April 14, 2019.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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