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Exhibition: ‘Hydrosphären’ at STATE Studio Berlin

Text by CLOT Magazine

Hydrosphäeren exhibition. Photo credit: Anne Freitag

STATE Studio is devoted to exploring the synergies between science, art, and innovation. To celebrate 70 years of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft STATE collaborates with Fraunhofer-Netzwerk für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Design, the renowned New York-based Science-Film Festival Imagine Science Films and Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) creating the interdisciplinary showcase Hydrosphären – an artistic and scientific reflection on themes surrounding the water.

Water is the most abundant material on the planet. It comprises up to 73% of the human body and three-quarters of the Earth is covered in water between our oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. Water has fascinated human beings for thousands of years and has been used as an artistic medium by established and emerging artists to create a tangible connection between humans and the natural world. The first showcase at STATE Studio, Hydrosphären, is dedicated to artists and researchers who are working with the topic of water.

Hydrosphären is a space for reflection on differing concepts of water: revealing water to be a place of urgent engagement for humans, an indispensable resource and lasting pull in artistic explorations. Hydrosphären features Stefan Wischnewski and Dr Ing Gabriele Neugebauer, along with a showcase by the class of Generative Art at UdK Berlin, filmmakers Amanda Tasse, Claire Sanford, and Nathan Kensinger, who is presenting Managed Retreat. This short film documentary explores the relationship between man-made action and natural reactions and its reverse effects.

(Media courtesy of STATE Studio)
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