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Exhibition: NEW FICTION, KAWS at Serpentine Galleries London

Text by CLOT Magazine


Serpentine Galleries kick-off 2022 with a multi-layered project with the internationally acclaimed artist KAWS developed in collaboration with Acute Art and the online video game Fortnite.

In his first major solo exhibition in London, NEW FICTION, KAWS (Brian Donnelly b.1974) presents new and recent works in physical and augmented reality at Serpentine North from 18 January – 27 February 2022. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Acute Art and curated by Acute Art’s Artistic Director, Daniel Birnbaum. A parallel digital version of the show launches simultaneously in Fortnite, a video game developed by Epic Games.

The Brooklyn-based artist is considered one of the most innovative of his generation. Within the Pop Art tradition, he has created a prolific body of influential work that engages young people with contemporary art. He straddles the worlds of art and design, including street art, graphic and product design, paintings, murals and large-scale sculptures.

In addition to the Fortnite collaboration, Serpentine and KAWS will use an app developed by Acute Art to offer a bridge between the virtual and the physical worlds. All the paintings and sculptures in the exhibition and a miniature version of the entire show will exist as AR works on the Acute Art app and can be placed and viewed at home by viewers globally. They can also be shared on social media, making KAWS’ art visible worldwide.

A virtual recreation of the show is available in Fortnite, allowing millions of players worldwide to experience the exhibition from anywhere. All built by the Fortnite Creative community, players can explore the Serpentine Gardens, interact with KAWS’ artworks and experience his iconic sculptures in a completely new way.

Players can access the KAWS: New Fiction hub indefinitely with island code 9441-7852-6686.

(Image courtesy of Serpentine and KAWS)
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