Exhibition: ‘So Far, Still So Close’ at Synthesis Gallery in Berlin

Yu Hong, She’s Already Gone & Nikita Shalenny, The Bridge 2017; courtesy of Khora Contemporary

From April 26 to 28 Synthesis Gallery is premiering two new VR works by Chinese artist Yu Hong and Ukrainian artist Nikita Shalenny. ‘So far, Still So Close is a collaboration between Radiance VR, Synthesis Gallery, and Khora Contemporary. Curated by Tina Sauerlaender and George Vitale, and the two VR works have been produced by Khora Contemporary (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Artist Yu Hong is premiering She’s Already Gone (2017). The Virtual Reality artwork places the viewer in the middle of four moments of a female character exploring the relationship between the individual and the rapid social change taking place in China. Viewers travel through the life of this female character from her birth to her old age experiencing how the history of Chinese art women are often depicted occupied with everyday activities as subject to a male point of view.

The Bridge (2017) by artist Nikita Shalenny is a virtual journey that takes the viewer beyond the horizon on a compressed forty thousand kilometres journey around the world. The bridge as a metaphor of the horizon is set between two places: the scene of arrival and the point of departure. And between the two places, the horizons: oil fields, abandoned churches, desolate landscapes, shadowy forests, and oceans in a limitless universe.

‘So Far, Still So Close’ runs from April 26 through 28, 2019 at Synthesis Gallery in Berlin.

Text by CLOT Magazine

Website www.synthesis.gallery/
(Photos courtesy of Khora Contemporary)


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