Exhibition: ‘Tracing the Nature Cosmos’ at Pocko Gallery in London

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Microgarden, Chris Hoffmann
Microgarden, Chris Hoffmann

In the early 70s, chemist James Lovelock formulated the theory of Gaia, co-developed with microbiologist Lynn Margulis. The Gaia hypothesis meant that humans were tightly related to the environment they were living and their actions had an impact on this system.  Now 50 years later, we add to the equation the influence that technology may have on these human actions. 

What good are the artistic tools of late-stage capitalism in capturing the devastation caused by accelerated technologism? How can a digital-native art form relay the earthly, the natural, and the organic? Do our climate futures lay in the virtual world? These are some of the questions that the group exhibition Tracing the Nature-Cosmos asks the viewer. 

The exhibition features the cosmic dreams and dystopias of Nadya Plyamko, the otherworldly bio species and extra-scientific terrestrial creations of Chris Hoffmann’s ‘Latent Entities series, the surreal humanoid corals in Zach Beech’s ‘Shaman’, and the landscape futures and bio-experiments of Pleid Sudios’ ‘Tales from the Land’ series amongst many others. Other artists participating are Omar Aqil, Misha Shyukin, Sam Balfus, Hany Braisch, Tabitha Swanson, Carola C. Dixon, Andrea Philippon, Eli Joteva, Manuel Gardina and Fabio Catapano. 

This is not the only current art exhibition addressing environmental issues and our relationship with the planet Earth and its living inhabitants in the post-contemporary world. Find out more information about current major art exhibitions exploring our relationship to planet Earth in this link

The exhibition runs until August 16, 2022.

Website https://www.pocko.com/
(Images courtesy of Pocko Gallery)
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