Festival: 2020 Go (online)! Design Society International Design Festival

Festival: 2020 Go (online)! Design Society International Design Festival

Festival: 2020 Go (online)! Design Society International Design Festival

Design Society is an innovative cultural platform in China that connects audiences with design. It’s organised around two pillars: a visitor destination and an innovation agenda. As a visitor destination, they run the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen while its innovation agenda aims at developing relevance for the creative industries in the Pearl River Delta. It was launched in 2016 and opened its first flagship venue Sea World Culture and Arts Center and the V&A’s first international space in 2017.

Together with the V&A, London and Ars Electronica, Linz among other partners, Design Society launches 2020 Go (online)! Design Society to form a virtual neighbourhood and network where people meet and exchange ideas, skills and knowledge. With reflection of the ongoing exhibitions in its physical venue—Values of Design: China in the Making, Humanizing Technology: 40 Years of Ars Electronica, and Fashioned from Nature2020 Go (online)! Design Society will focus on three leading threads: promoting the values of design, exploring new realms of technology and arts, and advocating sustainability in design and fashion.

They told us that a series of online programs will be organized with the following content partners: Neuni (China’s first new material and design platform), BottleDream (a B Corp which promotes social innovation and sustainable lifestyle), Demo (a studio on pan-design publication/research, design consulting and design curation), ME College (a STEAM educational institution for kids) and MANA (a digital platform on art, design and technology synergy innovation).

Design Society welcome thinkers, designers, social worker, entrepreneur brand representative, or media are welcome. Send your proposals or ideas to info@designsociaty.cn 

2020 Go (online)! Design Society will run from June through December in 2020. 

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website http://www.designsociety.cn/en/category/exhibition-list/detail!Go-online-Design-Society#menu-6
(Picture courtesy of Design Society)
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