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Installation: ‘All At Sea’ by Hannah Scott & Maria Macc

Text by CLOT Magazine

Artists Hannah Scott and Maria Macc present on June 13 the installation All At Sea at Lumen Crypt Gallery, St John on Bethnal Green in London. All At Sea is a site-specific installation that explores the impact of consumer culture on the natural environment. 

The connecting point is the sea and the diverse views that Scott and Macc have when working on the sea. As part of her long-year project, All This Stuff Is Killing Me, Scott spent a month on board a cargo ship to observe globalisation which allowed her to reflect on the relationships between consumer culture, plastic pollution and climate change. On her side, Macc has been journeying to UK coastlines, wetlands and ports to gather data and build dialogues to raise awareness on how we have a wider impact on the biosphere than we think. 

All At Sea brings together insights over a year-long dialogue between Scott and Macc. It’s the result of working in dialogue together and tracing each other’s journeys, Hannah on board one of the world’s largest container ships and Maria experiencing the fishing practices of the Cornish fishermen.

All At Sea is on view from June 13 to 16.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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