Installation: James Clar’s ‘Press Reset’ at Jane Lombard Gallery NYC

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Press Reset, James Clar (2020)
Press Reset, James Clar (2020)

New York-based artist James Clar’s work analyses and observes the effects of media and technology on our perception of culture, nationality and identity. He is interested in new technology and production processes, using them as a medium while analysing and critiquing their effects on human behaviour. For him, technology is a medium to critique the dissociative affects of technology itself. He studied Film and Animation at New York University and received his Masters’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program. 

During the Tribeca Gallery Walk in New York, Jane Lombard Gallery presents in the ground floor window at their new location at 58 White St James Clar’s installation Press Reset. Clar employs generative software developed in collaboration with programmers Casey Conchinha and Louise Lessel for this installation. The software visually simulates powerful, energetic and luminous stellar explosions erupting on a large monitor that fills the main gallery window. Viewers can travel through space, watching supernovas spawn potential worlds and alternate realities. 

Press Reset is open to the passing public until October 12, 2020.

(Media courtesy of Jane Lombard Gallery)
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