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Online exhibition: ‘Architectures of Violence’ by Caroline Sinders

Text by CLOT Magazine

Caroline Sinders is a critical designer, artist, and human rights researcher trained as a photojournalist and photographer. She has examined the intersections of artificial intelligence, abuse and politics in digital conversational spaces for years. And since 2013, she has been studying online harassment and looking at the harmful and violent corners of the internet. From May 15 to June 26, Caroline Sinders presents at Telematic Media Arts Architectures of Violence, an exhibition exploring the intersections of harassment, white supremacy, authoritarian politics, misogyny, and disinformation in digital culture. 

Drawing upon news media, tabloids, television, and journalism, Sinders examines the role of Internet platforms in shaping contemporary discourse:  the disruption of journalistic standards and the dissemination of disinformation, the misogynist culture of trolling, the racism of the algorithm, the subversion of democratic institutions, and the promotion of white supremacist ideology and violence. 

Some of the works at Architectures of Violence are Monument (2021), a piece Sinders made to acknowledge and confront the racist past and false iconography of New Orleans while also uplifting the act of removal itself and Within the Terms and Conditions (2021), a project that explores the questions of what is allowed to be online, stay online and spread online.

They also have hosted a series of online events, including Name It For What It Is: Creating Art and Research in Response to Violence, which features Caroline Sinders’ work and New Orleans’ artist and curator Nic Aziz-Brierre Unicorn-Riot journalist Chris Schiano.

Sinders is holding a digital walk-through of Architectures of Violence next Saturday, June 19, at 2:00 PST, 5 EST, and 11 CET—no registration is required.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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