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Online event: ‘Mutagenesis’ by OTHERWISE, exploring societal & ecological transformations

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OTHERWISE 2021 is a collaborative platform that explores the potential of artistic research to contribute to societal and ecological transformations. Over 8 months, artists, designers and researchers will exchange their ideas and practices and develop a performative display of their ongoing learnings. The interdisciplinary format occurs between 10.04 – 15.12.2021 online and at Gessnerallee in Zurich and is organised in internal and external events. 

Mutagenesis describes DNA mutation via spontaneous reaction with environmental processes or deliberate engineering. Damage and repair occur due to the very same processes, challenging a normative reading of mutations. Taking this as a starting point over four days, artists, historians and curators will analyse and respond to questions such as what is an interdisciplinary thematic residency program? Why is collaboration an important aspect of artistic research? Who draws the border lines, and from what tradition does the border drawing come?

On Wednesday 2 7-9 PM, CET Interactive presentation with Rose Field, art historian & curator, project coordinator of Mutations, Akademie Schloss Solitude will discuss what role collaboration and interdisciplinary artistic work play in expanding and redefining predominately Western perspectives. The need is great to create new platforms and discussions that include other understandings of the world and its natural, political, and social structures – that invite and even favour non-western and indigenous experience and knowledge.

On Thursday, 3 7-10 PM CET OTHERWISE, fellows Karolina Sobecka, Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero and Michail Rybakov will present their research projects. On Friday, 4, 7-9 PM CET, microbiologists Salome Aeschlimann & Sandro Käser will present their inputs. A discussion with Rose Field, Karolina Sobecka, Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero and Michail Rybakov will follow this talk. 

All events take place via Zoom – no registration required.

(Media courtesy of OTHERWISE)
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