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Online exhibition: Silicon Valet x New Art City present Dismal Sessions 001-021

Text by CLOT Magazine

Alexandra Koumantaki -- “Memories From the Valley of Uncanny”
Memories From the Valley of Uncanny, Alexandra Koumantaki

Silicon Valet, the virtual parking lot for expanded internet practice, has joined forces with New Art City, a virtual exhibition platform for new media art, to present Most Dismal Swamp: Dismal Sessions 001 – 021 on September 4, 2020. 

Most Dismal Swamp is an art platform, a social media account, a mixed reality biome, a curatorial MMORPG, a party, a forecasting laboratory, a miasma, a fiction, and a record label.  Dismal Sessions 001 – 021 will be on real-time accessed using a web browser, with no need to register, install extra software, or enter personal information. Using built-in tools to manage artworks and room layouts, anyone can create a show and hold a virtual exhibition online. 

Dismal Sessions is an ongoing series of dank mixes, fermented visions, sacred texts, trash vector collect calls, ambient occlusions, cursed ASMR, sublime leaks and bad datasets; an ecstatic content collapse. The Dismal Sessions are audio-visual artefacts by various visual artists, musicians, DJs, avatars, producers, machines, sprites, poets, homies, and more. 

This virtual exhibition brings together the first 21 Dismal Sessions. It is a sprawling underground festival in which to immerse, a thick tangle of uneven and combined heresies in which to lose yourself.

List of works: 
Session 001: Body Drift — “Did I Disappoint You?”
Session 002: Never Worse — “set 23.11.2019”
Session 004: RJM Vanderheyden + Emilie Ruitinga — “Does the knife cry when it enters the skin?”
Session 005: IZEY — “Xaptation”
Session 006: Sol Bailey-Barker — “Wyrd Lodge: Black Temple”
Session 007: Alexandra Koumantaki — “Memories From the Valley of Uncanny”
Session 008: Mark Leckey — “The Catyrids are Leaving the City”
Session 009: Amy Cutler & Graham Dunning — “The Cultivator”
Session 010: Crisis — “View From Nowhere”
Session 011: Kid Xanthrax “HYPERGNOSISSY”
Session 012: Michelle Hannah — “GPT-3”
Session 013: An Trinse — “Ethics of Display”
Session 014: Agnese Cebere — “chrome_scan”
Session 015: Gerard Carson — “Petrobios 77 Lockdown”
Session 016: Lexxi Doomer (whiterose) — “ribs_sinner_lives”
Session 017: Sol Ring & billie0cean — “Untitled”
Session 018: SWARMM — “KENOPSIA”
Session 019: Thomas Yeomans — “Just For Today”
Session 020: ¥€$Si Perse 
Session 021: Anna Mikkola & Pekka Airaxin 

(Media courtesy of Most Dismal Swamp)
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