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Panel talk: Un/certain Research, searching for knowledge in the Arts & Design

Text by CLOT Magazine

Art and science have always maintained diverse relationships with each other. For some years now, however, these have been explored anew in the context of the establishment of artistic research practices in the academic field. Yet, as discussed in debates on Artistic Research, what does the knowledge of art have to do with the many uncertainties currently evident in our society?

The working group Artistic Research is in conversation with the artists in the Ebenböckhaus, Munich residence. The Panel Talk will discuss possible uncertainties and chances of amalgamating art and science, oscillating between repulsion and attraction. 

The exhibition Living with Uncertainty, and works by Anton Jehle and Pascal Dreier, will serve as the basis for the conversation between the two interdisciplinary teams: the Artists in Residence of the Ebenböckchaus and the Working Group for Artistic Research of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

One of the participants will be Designer, Art and Design Studies (Symbiotic Lab) and CLOT contributor Leoni Fischer. Pascal Marcel Dreier, Artistic Research; Anton Jehle, Media Art; Christopher Lukman, Aesthetic Theory; Katharina Mludek, Design and Cultural Studies; Florentin Aisslinger, Art and Design; Jakob Kukula, Art and Design (Symbiotic Lab) and Leonardo Pellegrino, Design will accompany her. 

The panel is part of the finissage of the exhibition Living with Uncertainty and will take place in the Palmenhaus of Villa Walberta from 4 – 6 pm.

(Image courtesy of the panellists)
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