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Performance series: Amoenus x GUTZ, Aures London

Text by CLOT Magazine

Amoenus is a series of events focusing on using Space as an artistic tool. The programme is created in collaboration with local curators and experimental sound, visual and performance artists.

For their second instalment, sound artists Jose Macabra, Aki Pasoulas, Christian Duka and Guy Harries launch the new sound art label GUTZ. The project focuses on providing cinematic journeys for the ears, exploring the potential of sound to create visceral emotional experiences. GUTZ will produce its first release on Aures state-of-the-art 3D sound system.

The artists will present four pieces in a one-hour blindfolded sonic experience. This partial sensory deprivation aims to pause the narratives of modern life, taking the participants through a meditative journey in the recesses of the unconscious. The project takes on concepts from Francisco López, one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene: I do not defend sonic matter as an aesthetic or conceptual category,  but as a gate to different worlds of perception, experience and creation. Sound is a fiercely powerful medium, in the original sense. This raw primordial quality is easily lost in the mud of contemplation.

The performance will take the four artists to investigate pain in the everyday human experience. Going beyond the limitations of linguistic expression, the sound pieces aim to give various insights into the role of pain in emotional regulation, personal growth and transformation. In the context of this shared experience, GUTZ also explores the role of pain in social bonding.

(Media courtesy of  Christian Duka)
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