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Performance: Syrinx by IRRUPTIVE CHORA

Text by CLOT Magazine

London-based curatorial collective IRRUPTIVE CHORA, June 25 at SET Dalston, are presenting Syrinx, an event of six live performative acts, which create non-anthropocentric temporal narratives and new systems of communication

The event explores the penetrative and affective potentialities of embodied and disembodied voice, treating voice as a vibratory phenomenon, which belongs to non-human beings and non-living matter, rather than simply a tool for human-governed expression. As described by artist Anat Ben David: The voice: an image, a movement, the swelling of sound, the synth, rhythm and pulse, the word, a muted scream. Desire lies within its waves adds artist Charlotte Wendy Law, who, apart from vocal and instrumental elements in her performance, will come together in action with dancer mynameisconfusion.

The voice of a syrinx, the vocal organ of birds, is pure vibration, matter in motion, enabling some bird species to produce more than one sound at a time. Syrinx, thus, welcomes a multiplicity of voices as a collective sonic entity penetrating the gathered porous physicalities. Artists Cobweaver & Visio, for example, will explore this shared space between each other’s actual and mental/musical voice though improvised shifting soundscapes from field recordings, live vocals live percussion and software.

I see voice as an extension of the self, it’s a layer that has physical qualities but also the medium that allows/enables agency admits artist Kristina Pulejkova. Experimenting with sound and image on the periphery of the organic and the synthetic, synthesising eclectic forms of sound expression, all the performances will incorporate technology in the expansion of our relationship to the material and the bodily.

The event is curated by IRRUPTIVE CHORA with live performances by Anat-Ben David, Ania Mokrzycka w/ Hollie Miller & Craig Scott, Charlotte Wendy Law w/ mynameisconfusion, Cobweaver & Visio, Kristina Pulejkova and Vessel.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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