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Talks series: Resolution x Talks

Text by CLOT Magazine


Resolution events, the platform originated from the Sonic Immersive Media Lab research facility at Goldsmiths University, aims to curate and setup events that feature a broad range of styles and influences – that is a platform for collaboration, experimentation and inspiration. From Goldsmith, they have expanded, and Resolution events take place in various locations across London. They specialised in large-scale multi-channel projection systems, create immersive environments, and collaborate with promoters and labels to curate and produce events where they feature a mix of live performances, DJ sets, installations and lectures from a variety of musicians and artists, focussing on contemporary electronics and AV practices. 

Whilst Resolution stems from a research-based background, we’re passionate about scenes beyond that. As individuals, we have always loved club culture, especially with the variety and vibrancy of the nightlife scene in London. Throughout our university experience, we discovered subtle similarities between the academic and club scenes. One of our main aims when founding Resolution was to bridge these two different worlds, incorporating influences from both to create distinct multi-disciplinary events.’ Told CLOT Magazine Charles, Henrik and Ed, the core team behind Resolution events. 

After the Amoenus series, a collaboration with artist and curator Christian Duka brought Resolution to the Aures vaults to present a live performance from Roly Porter, developed especially for the 54 Pioneer speaker surround sound system of Aures and Retest, an event that took place at MOT Unit 18 in South London, they are now presenting Resolution Talks: Possible Futures of the Nightlife Experience at The Strech, Goldsmith SU on November 21, 2019. 

A new event focused on the developing impact of technology on modern nightlife, through a panel conversation with some of the industry’s leading figures. Chris Vaughan from 33-33 / MODE Festival, object blue, Christopher Allen from Splice Festival, Laurie Bender from L’Aubaine, and Dr Adam Harper will seek to identify and explore the ideologies being developed through the industry in order to sustain these new nightlife experiences and debate the impact being felt by those promoting, playing and enjoying the nightlife. 

(Media courtesy of Resolution)
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