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Platform: HYPERSPACE, between physical and online spaces


Addressing accessibility of and within arts, HYPERSPACE searches for new, more inclusive ways of connecting, making and sharing work in the post-pandemic reality. HYPERSPACE recognises the need for sustained support networks and facilitates a more active engagement for under-represented and disabled creatives and audiences. HYPERSPACE employs a hybrid approach and creates an accessible structure for ongoing interaction between artists and audiences, bridging their gap. 

Emerging artists are supported through 11 peer group sessions led by creative practitioners and disability consultants to overcome issues of disconnectedness and uncertainty experienced since the pandemic, engage in collective research and make new works. After each session in the HYPERSPACE peer group series, besides outcomes in the form of sound, image or text created by the participating artists and contributors, the digitally transcribed recordings of the meetings will be fed into a language model, using machine learning to produce human-like writing. Reflecting on algorithmic feedback or artificial intelligence creativity, Hyperspace is also about interacting with a machine and losing ownership and agency. 

The collectively constructed new online platform is launched in its most basic shape, inviting the audiences to engage with creative processes from their very conception. Gradually accumulating content, the constantly changing virtual reality is being constructed and conceived by artist Erik Lintunen.

HYPERSPACE is curated by the collaborative curatorial platform Irruptive Chora in partnership with Shape Arts, Resonance FM and Eqivalentbehaviour. The artists and contributors include Tanya Moulson, Natalia Janula, Lea Collet, Sara Rodrigues, Ada Hao, Rachel McRae, Ramona Güntert, Maja A. Ngom, Pietro Bardini, Sotiris Gonis, Erik Lintunen, Ania Mokrzycka, and Agata Kik

Happening between March and December 2022, the platform launches on June 3 at 1 PM (BST) and coincides with the live-streamed workshop Amplifying Movement run by artists Hollie Miller and  Craig Scott. 

(Image courtesy of HYPERSPACE)
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