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Seminar: Collaborative Multimedia Experiments, Rethinking Research in Times of Crisis

Text by CLOT Magazine

Our forest guardians are being exterminated – but what are researchers doing about it?’ Jaqueline Aranduhá , Guarani and Kaiowá Indigenous leader, activist, and anthropologist

The University College of London Multimedia Anthropology Lab (UCL MAL), the Kuñangue Aty Guasu and the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul are co-hosting a free evening seminar, the first in a three-part seminar series, on Friday the 7th of October 2022 at the University College of London Institute of Archaeology, Collaborative Multimedia Experiments: Rethinking Research in Times of Crisis.

Over the last two years, the UCL MAL has been exploring these questions in partnership with Guarani and Kaiowá Indigenous communities in Brazil, developing a series of collaborative multimedia projects – including the Guarani and Kaiowá VR Museum, an Interactive Map of Violence, and a Collaborative Digital Archive.

What is our collective responsibility – as researchers, professionals, artists and activists – to ensure a future that is liveable? How can we decolonise the ways in which we work and think to find collaborative solutions to the challenges of our times? As the planet’s ecosystems and the Indigenous communities who defend them face increasingly urgent threats, we must develop new forms of research practice that can address current challenges, cultivate more collaborative relations, and present results in more inclusive ways.

On Friday, October 7, they will gather for an evening seminar where indigenous leaders, ethnographic researchers and multimedia artists will discuss the current crisis, introduce our collaborative experiments, and explore their implications for research and practice. Guarani and Kaiowá leader, activist and anthropologist Jaqueline Aranduhá and Indigenous filmmaker Scott Hill (who will share an up-to-date overview of the context in Brazil and the recent wave of violence threatening ecologies and communities) will join in person. The speakers will introduce some of the multimedia projects that have been developed in partnership with UCL MAL and IDAC, and will be joined by members of the UCL MAL team who have worked on the projects together.

Find your tickets here. The seminar will also be live-streamed through the UCL MAL website for those who cannot attend in person.

(Image courtesy of UCL MAL)
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