Insight: ‘Hope in the Heat’, imagining hopeful visions of a climate-altered future

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Cream Project, Superflux
Cream Project, Superflux

Hope in the Heat is a collaboration with futures design Studio and Somerset House Studios resident Superflux. Superflux has been working with the Future Producers Cherece Lucinda John, Francesca Rechere, Jessie Zhang, Okocha Obasi Valeria Toro, and Zahrah Vawda to develop and give form to their own visions of hopeful futures in a climate-altered world. 

Through their work, Superflux imagines and build future worlds you can experience in the present, prompting diverse groups of people to examine their choices and decisions today critically. We believe they are the perfect partners to mentor Future Producers and to support the creation of something truly impactful. 

The series of interactive works, visual displays and films will bring together the Future Producers’ creative responses exploring themes of animism, colonial herbology, food crop production, as well as speculative visions of our relationship with future life forms and the shape of our cities. These responses will be available to access via a dedicated online site.

Future Producers will present Hope in the Heat on May 25, 2021. The project will see the Future Producers create and share their own artistic interpretations of future worlds and ideas by examining and reflecting upon the environmental choices and decisions which impact society today. On Wed 02 Jun at 18:30 GMT, three of the Future Producers will in conversation with Anab Jain and Jon Ardern of Superflux.

(Image courtesy of Superflux)
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