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Video premiere: Madeleine Cocolas – ‘A Memory, Blown Out’

Text by CLOT Magazine

A Memory, Blown Out, Madeleine Cocolas & Vanessa van Dalsen (2022). Video still

Australian composer and producer Madeleine Cocolas creates post-classical and ambient instrumental music, with her work moving between lush soundscapes to experimental electronics, field recordings and solo piano. We are presenting a video for the first single release, A Memory, Blown Out.

A Memory, Blown Out is the first track of Spectral, which will be released on July 15, 2022, through Lawrence English ROOM40. Spectral is an attentiveness to the incidental and a reaching out toward the unheard. Taking these acoustic microcosms as a source of focus, Cocolas unpacks these transient flickers and memories and repositions them, exploding them outward and shifting perspective. Spectral celebrates the shadows of melody and the after-thoughts of rhythm.

Spectral is built on a foundation of sounds I collected from my immediate surroundings in recent times. It’s a familiar story, casting your ears close to home. I captured these sounds as a type of aural diary to mark days and weeks as they passed. As our physical worlds seemed to become smaller, my senses of observation and perception of my immediate surroundings sharpened. Inside these small spaces, I found a wellspring of materials that seemed to offer themselves up. 

Cocolas worked on the film with photographer and videographer Vanessa van Dalsen, who captured her injecting inks into a water-filled tank. She further explains that A Memory, Blown Out explores the fluidity of observation and perception, where the viewer and listener are invited to explore the vaporous world of shifting memories.  The slow, pure beauty of ink moving through water underpins the accompanying waves of vocals. All at once simple, yet carrying the weight of complexity, the inky shapes and textures that shift over time embody hazy nostalgia and a suspended notion of time.

Pre-order album here.

(Image and video courtesy of the artist)
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