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Video premiere: Kai Landre – ‘Lights On Me’ by Nil Fernandez

Text by CLOT Magazine

Lights On Me, Nil Fernández (2022). Video Still 

After releasing his last EP, Human, in 2020, Kai Landre returns to music with his new EP, Cyborg. In this new EP, he explores his new cyborg identity and explains the mind process and all the changes he’s got through since he started perceiving outer space.

In the development of Cyborg, Kai Landre worked with Lyzza, ETM, Hot Sugar and Mercabae. In Lights On Me, the video CLOT presents today; we see a self-discovery, an exploration and above all, a place of sound that leads us to personal progress.

Cyborg EP is a group of songs that represent a mental process where I have been through my transition from human to cyborg. A sample of everything that I have been able to materialise from my mind has allowed me to understand what was happening inside my head so that I could feel at peace with myself. The sound is electric, joining different “sounds” turned into percussion that generate a sensation of sound hostility joined with pads and synths done by melodies from the cosmic rays that liberate this sound sensation. Says Landre. 

The frames and images are made so that the video has a lot of movements, like a sensation of paranoia, empowering them more and more as the video goes by. Kai gave me a lot of artistic freedom (which is really nice). We joined different ideas from both sides and since it worked with the initial idea, I made this final music video. Shares director Nil Fernandez about the creative process of Lights On Me

Curiosity to discover the unknown has always moved and guided Kai Landre through a creative process that culminates in Music and Physics, and trans-species activism. His first Cyborg Sense, the Cosmic Sense, captures subatomic particles created by the fall of Cosmic Rays in the planet’s atmosphere, translating them into sound and identifying each one to a musical note, allowing Kai to compose live music with these melodies. Kai Landre’s Cosmic Sense has been officially presented at Princeton University during the Envision Conference, an annual conference that presents the latest advances in research, practice and technology. 

Kai Landre is a member of Cyborg Foundation, the platform founded by Neil Harbisson, focused on research, development and promotion of projects related to creating new senses and augmented perception.

Find Cyborg here

(Image courtesy of the artist)
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