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Workshop: Arte Robotica V1.0 DesignMorphine

Text by CLOT Magazine

DesignMorphine is a creative hub for design through workshops, lectures, projects, and explorations in the field of architecture, design, and arts. Their goal is to provide the essential elements of trending design practices in a condensed way, with a team of talented designers with a multidisciplinary approach to design and its education.

DesignMorphine have conducted over 30 workshops and courses in Europe, the Middle East, and USA. Among them are successful collaborations with Harvard and MIT. Some of the team members have been students or researchers in this renowned institutions.

DesignMorphine is presenting the Arte Robotica workshop, a computational robotic painting workshop. It will take place in Paris between 6-8 October 2017 and will be focused on blending the limits between art and robotic technology.

Following Dadaist precepts, which imply the notion of controlled chaos, the students will select soundwave patterns, “randomize” them and transform them into robotic toolpath. Mounted on the robot, there will be a transparent canvas, which will execute moves around 3 static colour sources.

The tutors of the course will be Lidia Ratoi, a multi-oriented designer and writer from Romania and a team member at DesignMorphine and Kunaljit Chadha, an Indian architect and robotics and digital fabrication researcher. They both did a Master’s in advanced architecture at IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia) in Barcelona.

CLOT Magazine chief editors will also be jury members for the workshop.

(media courtesy of DesignMorphine)

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