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Talk: ‘Blending the digital & the material, current trends in fashion, design & material innovation’ Soho House BCN

Text by CLOT Magazine

In 1995, Nicholas Negroponte predicted that “being digital” would have us entering a realm increasingly unconstrained by the materiality of the world he was mostly right. Two decades later, our everyday lives are indeed even more suffused by computation and calculation. However, materiality persists and continues to reassert itself.

More and more, in recent years, artists and designers have been incorporating technological and material advancements in their practice, either as a reflection and critique of our society or as an aesthetic or design exercise to push boundaries forward.

Design is a means of speculating how things could be—imagining possible futures. Moreover, sometimes these speculative scenarios become a reality in the hands of researchers and designers that push forward the boundaries of materiality to create new materials that can be described as the convergence of sciences, technologies and design. From programmable matter, 3D/4D printing, wearable technologies, or bio-inspired design, these new disciplines have captured the attention of engineers, scientists, designers and artists.

In this talk, Lula Criado* and Meritxell Rosell*, CLOT Magazine’s editors and directors, will explore some of the latest trends in materials and digital technologies, giving an overview of new disciplines such as biodesign, future materials, digital couture and digital fabrication. They will showcase recent developments playing an accelerating role in shaping the perception of and the relationship to contemporary culture —art, design and fashion, through the work of the most exciting creatives blending the digital and the material.

(*) Lula and Meritxell are two multidisciplinary editors, writers and curators. Their work lays at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology, capturing the zeitgeist of the 21st century. With academic and scientific backgrounds (Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics) combined with Trend Analysis and Philosophy, they run CLOT Magazine, an online platform dedicated to Art explorations into Science and Technology. Through CLOT Magazine, they curate intellectual content, generate debate, research and decode trends in areas of biomedia, body architectures and cyborgs, sound art, interfaces, artificial intelligence and virtual reality and generative art, among others. They have covered festivals and events organised by renowned cultural institutions like Sónar, Unsound (Krakow), CTM (Berlin), Fort Process (Newhaven, England) and the V&A museum (London), curated panel discussions (LASER/Leonardo at Central Saint Martins) and given talks and lectures for the Bio Architecture and Genetics MA (Barcelona, Spain), School of Textile (Boras, Sweden) and central Saint Martin. They also contribute to other publications like SciArt in America and Interalia magazine.

(Photo SYNTOPIA collection by Iris van Herpen. Copyright: Yannis Vlamos)
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