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Festival: Sonica, sound & multimedia arts

Text by CLOT Magazine

Aquasonic, Nanna Bech. Photo credit: Jens Peter Engedal

The fourth edition of the Sonica Festival of Sonica and Multimedia Arts has arrived in Glasgow and will end on the 5th of November. This engaging annual event was launched in 2012 and is run by Cryptic, Glasgow’s internationally notorious art production house.

Sonica displays “visual sonic art” through performances that fuse sound, image and music. This year, the festival will showcase work from more than 40 international artists from across 12 different countries. Tarik Barri and Gilberto Esparza, who had been interviewed by CLOT Magazine on previous occasions, are performing at Sonica Festival. 

Tarik is an experimental electronic musician who told us about his software, Versum, which is used to create and perform 3D audiovisual compositions. At Sonica, Tarik will present an absorbing live performance, “Continuum”, which involves music that resembles eruptions and earthquakes and visuals that suggest cosmic starbursts and dazzling sparkles. The result is a patterned – but also chaotic – melody that represents and explores the power of the universe.

Esparza is an artist whose works explore the interaction and impact of human technology with our environment through electronics, robotics and biotechnology. He will present “Sideral”, which consists of an 82kg meteorite of space debris named Boxhole that is ‘read’ using a sensor that produces peculiar music.

“Aquasonic”, by Denmark’s Between Music, is another performance that has received much attention. This act presents musicians that perform underwater. Divers, scientists and instrument makers have had to cooperate to bring this recital to life.

Sonica brings music and contemporary art together while stimulating the eyes, the ears and the mind. It promises to be an exciting, unconventional and provocative event – and we surely don’t want to miss it.

(Photos courtesy of Sonica Festival)
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