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Text by CLOT Magazine

In our 13th instalment of the series, Japanese musician Yasuyuki Uesugi shares a 30 mins-long track specially produced for CLOT Magazine. Truth is a noise track that expresses the question of whether all the truth should be conveyed or how hidden it should be to live.

Yuesugi produces wall of sound kind of noise music, using almost a fully analogue workflow, u including a custom-made synthesizer made by JMT SYNTH (Japanese handmade synthesizer maker), the NSDQ, a 2VCO synthesizer equipped with multiple sub oscillators, a delay effector, phaser effector, and a 16-step sequencer. Once the parameters on the instruments are set, Yusuegui doesn’t physically play. The noise changes and evolves due to the effects of the analogue instruments and spring reverb, recording all in one take and letting each passing moment decide where my sounds go.

The producer started being interested in noise music when he met the mind behind JMT SYNTH: I became fascinated by operating the analogue synthesizer and freely searching for noise sounds, which became part of my music style today. Uesugi productions as himself defines are deeply experimental noise tracks that reflect ideas of the spiritual world, mental illness and the human brain, and as he shares with us:

I use this NDSQ to create noise music that expresses my distorted spiritual world. I have a mental illness, so I express it in the form of noise. This is well reflected both in the harsh, abrasive music – almost as if something was to be pulled from one’s brain-but and in the titles and track names in many of his prolific productions. He has self-released many EPs and albums and published them in labels such as Drvg Cvltvre’s New York Haunted. In times where the disconnection with a gone reality, when our minds are stressed and damaged, Yasuyuki Uesugui’s productions can be a cathartic noise exorcism. 

(Artwork by Stephen McLaughlin)
On Key

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