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CLOTMix: Hedonic Reversal presents HUMA

Text by CLOT Magazine

Huma is the alias of Barcelona-based experimental musician Andrés Satué. He is bringing our next mixtape instalment, following the release of his new EP Se van sus naves.

We recently featured Huma‘s release titled Emergence (Hedonic Reversal, 2021), an experiment in the irregular rhythmic, textural or physical qualities of sounds engaging with one another. In it, the chaotic nature of these sounds colliding allows for the emergence of atypical rhythms, ones in which preconceived notions of a linear structure are supplanted in favour of melodies and patterns borne from the dissonant sound.

The new release Se van sus Naves is a production of experiments with different creative processes and tools, such as granular synthesis or extreme sampling, created halfway between Eva and Emergence. Continuing with the exploration of the idea of singularity and exponential growth in which Eva was inspired, Se van sus naves proposes an abstract and delicate universe closer to ambient but without leaving aside the characteristic abrasion of other albums.

In this mixtape Huma shares, you will find music that inspired Se van sus naves but also recent discoveries and music that he really loves and respect: from ambient to club, film soundtrack or computer music. There is a wide variety of genres inside.

What was the creative process like for the production of your last EP? What were you technically and conceptual (if so) exploring with it?

Se van sus naves is a collection of different processes and tools that I was exploring between the production of my last two albums, Eva and Emergence. The most used processes are granular synthesis and extreme sampling techniques. On the conceptual side, it continues to explore the idea of Eva, singularity and exponential growth. The first two tracks actually address that if something in 1 year multiplies by 2 (1 Year, 2 Times), in 10 years, it will multiply by 1000 (10 Years, 1000 Times). So you can see the power of exponential very easily. 

What have been the main inspirations behind this new EP?

I went back to more ambient-like tracks. I really listen to a lot of ambient music. You can listen to some of that in this mix.

How do you see your sound evolving throughout your last releases?

To be honest, I don’t know, and I love not knowing it. Now I’m working on an album that is, by now, the most rhythmic and punchy I’ve ever done, like the continuation of Emergence but way different. 

What is your relationship with technology nowadays, and how do you use it for your practice? And how do you cope with technology (screen/digital) overload?

Well, I use my computer for work, for making music and also for entertainment, so I have a deep relationship with technology, although I try to do it in the healthiest possible way. To escape from the screens and digital (something I really need), I love cooking and recently started climbing.

Alessandro Cortini – SEMPRE
Huma – Transcension Variation
Bobby Krlic – The Crash
Gong Kebyar – Sekar Jepun
Tim Hecker – Not alone
Tohji, Loota & Brodinski – Yodaka (dir. Taichi Kimura)
crnds – 013
Vladislav Delay – Rakkn
Aelk Minsur – Drugged Out Ginnix
Zuli – Where Do You Go
Synalegg – Juggernaut
Tim Hecker – Pond Life
Huma – 1 Year, 2 Times
Terminal 11 – Unpleasant Experience
Rrucculla – Ciclo del agua

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