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CLOT Magazine recommends: MAY

AIDOL 爱道 by Lawrence Lek, Sadie Coles HQ London, until 18 May 2019 Lawrence Lek presents AIDOL, a new feature-length film with visuals produced in collaboration with

Event: EarthxInteractive by EarthX

Founded in 2011 EarthX is a nonprofit organisation that promotes environmental awareness and hosts the largest environmental expo, conference and film festival in Dallas (Texas,

Festival: ‘Loom’ Barcelona

Loom festival is an interdisciplinary arts festival based in Barcelona that includes interactive audiovisual installations, performances and musical acts. Loom Festival 2019 is taking place

CLOT Magazine recommends: APRIL

BARZAKH by The Waldorf Project, Shredded Wheat factory Welwyn Garden City, 9 April – 12 May 2019 The Waldorf Project have been engineering the most