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Event: ‘Dynamic Nodes’ by CLOT Magazine at STATE Studio Berlin

Text by CLOT Magazine

What is the Universe? What is the reason for its existence? and what is the very fabric it is made of? As thinking entities, we cannot help but imagine stories about what we are and where we are in relation to the Universe. The Philosophy of Networks (Christopher Vitale) could be one such story. This networkological metaphysics imagines every single structure in the Universe as a network. Zoom out as far as what’s imaginably possible, and you’ll see the cosmic web. Zoom in and you’ll end up with the neuronal networks inside our brains -or even their molecules elegantly orbiting-, passing by the social, economic and political structures, not forgetting all our invented artificial networks. One cannot help thinking there’s an intrinsic structure that repeats and perpetuates within every single plane of our existence.

Inspired by this year’s theme transmediale 2020 on Networks, Meritxell Rosell and Lula Criado, editors of CLOT Magazine, are presenting Dynamic Nodes, a one-day event in collaboration with STATE Studio in Berlin on 23rd January 2020. The event sits in the framework of Vorspiel, a transmediale/CTM parallel program of distributed partner events in the field of digital art and culture and experimental sound and music, where a variety of partner venues invite local and international audiences to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks and special events across the city during the first 2 weeks of the festival.

Taking as a starting point the theories of the Philosophy of Networks by Christopher Vitale and the Deleuzian concept of the Rhizome, Dynamic Nodes will explore how we live in a networked universe and invite the audience to imagine new terrains of existence through new relationships to networks. From global capitalism to artificial minds, evolutionary biology to quantum physics, networks have evolved throughout time and space and are “present” more than ever in our digital societies. Through the work of artists that interpret these structures from the macro to the microscale, we’ll attempt to glimpse how networks may begin evolving into new kinds of humans beings, new ways of thinking, feeling, and existing in a constant cosmic flux of energy. 

The day event will include video installations, a panel discussion and audiovisual performances in the incomparable set-up of STATE Studio Berlin, a public gallery, showroom, and event space in Schöneberg, Berlin’s art hub neighbourhood. STATE Studio Berlin offers a place for creative synergies between science, art, and innovation to discover and explore the breakthrough developments that shape our future and make us question.

Keeping in line with our inspiration, we have invited artists who are close to CLOT magazine and with whom we have interacted and exchanged knowledge and ideas. Among these are Kim Albrecht, Rosana Antoli, Sofia Crespo, An Trinse, our contributing editor Jacobo García and experimental musician and sound artist Broshuda.

Video installations by Kim Albrecht, Rosana Antolí and Sofia Crespo and artworks will be exhibited all day. The panel discussion includes Kim Albrecht, Lou Drago and Sofia Crespo and will be moderated by Lula Criado and Meritxell Rosell. Performances by Broshuda (live), An Trinse (AV) and Jacobo Garcia Dj set.

You can find more details on the schedule and the artists here.

This event is supported by the Spanish Embassy in Germany, and the artwork is by CLOT Magazine’s digital editor Stephen McLaughlin.

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