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Exhibition: Kinetica presents ‘Invisible Realm’ at Lauren Baker Gallery

Text by CLOT Magazine

Kinetica is a platform offering vibrant exhibitions in different environments. The group has curated multiple national and international exhibitions, as well as their own annual Art Fair. Last year they presented a show featuring over 40 artists. It was titled “The Thin Veil”, and took place in Bermondsey.

Kinetica is back this year, and they’re introducing a new exhibition; “Invisible Realm”. It is based at the Lauren Baker Gallery in Covent Garden and features six artists; Lauren Baker, Bardula, Ivan Black, Daniel Chadwick, Dianne Harris and Margaret Michel. This engaging exhibition, which merges science with art, invites viewers to become involved and witness an introspective and profound experience. Invisible Realm looks into “hidden dimensions”, places where there is no time or space. The artworks spin all over the place, they transform and light up as we approach them.

While Lauren Baker’s work draws inspiration from the cosmos and unseen energy, Dianne Harris focuses on energy fields and cyclical patterns found in nature. Bardula uses the reflection of LED light in her work, while Ivan Black creates spiralling kinetic sculptures. Daniel Chadwick also showcases mobile sculptures and Margaret Michel focuses her practice on the patterns that rule our universe. Invisible Realm provides us with an excellent chance to discover an unseen fantastical reality in things that seem unremarkable. It draws attention towards moments that would usually be overlooked by challenging the usual norms of perception.

The exhibition has been open to the public since the 8th of June and will close on the 14th of July, so there’s still time to visit these unseen dimensions before it’s too late!

(Photo 1: Dianne Harris – ‘Invisible Realm’, 2017 courtesy of Kinetica Museum)
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