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Editor’s Pick: Huma’s ‘Coherence’ video premiere

Text by CLOT magazine

Huma is the personal project of Andrés Satué. Born in Galicia but based in Barcelona, he has an extensive career in musical experimentation, from his first math-kraut-rock and prog bands to experimental electronics.

Huma is about to release his new album, Emergence (self-released on his label Hedonic Reversal). This new album sees the artists experiment with irregular and unpredictable structures that arise from sequences and textures colliding and merging into rhythmic and melodic sonic explorations that seem non-human-like but, at the same time, intuitive and almost familiar.

Inspired by the Emergence Theory, which states that a large number of relatively simple elements can self-organize into behaviours that appear to be unexpectedly complex, it creates a process by which musical order seems to emerge out from chaos.

The video for the first track premiere has been crafted by Razorade and Sevi Iko Dømochevsky – from Mitrilo Collective. This decentralised creative platform works on the contemporary oversaturation of stimuli by thoroughly embracing heterogeneity and generating eclectic content, shaping what does not have a shape.

The designers have worked with artists such as Grimes, Arca, Holly Herndon, Skrillex, 100gecs and Adult Swim. The collaboration, Huma shares, came out organically and developed really smoothly. The inspiration for video and artwork for the album also takes inspiration from Physics theories of chaos and order. The designers are also preparing the visual part of Huma’s new live set.

(Media courtesy of the artists)
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