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Editor’s Pick: Matteo Zamagni’s video rework for Object Blue & TSVI’s ‘Thought Experiment’

Text by CLOT Magazine

Matteo Zamagni, the Italian-born London-based new media artist,  recently presented his video collaboration with electronic music producers Object Blue and TVSI.

Conceptually focused on the intersections between art, science and spirituality, Zamagni explores a myriad of thematic territory through his works by using emerging technologies. This ranges from ideas of human consciousness and our bodies as an interface to the impact of mankind’s desire for progression on natural ecosystems and the repercussions therein.

Inspired by ‘ever-present conversations about machines and sentience’, ‘Thought Experiment’ speculates the shift from organic evolutionary processes to electronic evolutionary processes. Cybernetic organisms, partly made of organic structures and part of electronic components, respond to their environment in various ways at an ever-increasing speed.

*** The video has photosensitivity and seizures warning.

What starts with enticing soft light and water reflections takes us through an electrified swampy environment to reveal mutating textures, strobes and misty ceilings.

In a previous conversation with us, Zamagni stated that he was expecting to expand his work into sculptural practice, integrated with procedural design, biology and eco-materials for the creation of Self Sustained, Symbiotic, biological sculptures; Create highly immersive experiences that stimulate perceptions, either by enhancing/depriving/altering the senses using real-time tools; Deepen procedural & interactive environments for live performances and installations. The Thought Experiment video feels like the digital steps setting the grounds for his future ambitions.

(Media courtesy of the artists)
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