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Events: Futur.Shock Strange Attractor 3 – Purge at FOLD London

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London’s experimental live sound and performance monthly night at FOLD Futur.Shock is back with the new season’s 3rd chapter, Purge. Collectively over the last few years, we have all felt the rapid pace of extreme change. This accelerated pace of change has invaded our political, home, working, & social lives as well as our collective psyches, institutions and culture. This period has forced us to try to comprehend the more existential aspects of existence. Chapter 3 aims at a type of psychological and political purging. Through expanded performance, ritualistic transformation, and emotionally charged live sets, the audience collectively will partake in a purification.

Renowned Bulgarian-French philosopher and critic Julia Kristeva, in her Powers of Horror: Essay on Abjection, identifies this sort of phenomenon as “purifying the abject,” arguing that it lies at the heart of the artistic experience, which is rooted in the abject it utters and by the same token purifies. The abject for Kristeva is closely tied to religion and art: The various means of purifying the abject make up the history of religions and end up with that catharsis par excellence called art.

Known to CLOT audience SOTE (aka Ata Ebtekar), one the most prominent current Iranian composers and sound artists. Sote will be performing an intimate live set connected to the current situation in his home country. His live sets roam from abrasive noise and harsh clanging techno with hints of more melodious ambient. One would even dare to share cathartic in its emotion and brutal sonic physicality.

There will also be live musical performances from artist Rieko Whitfield, a London-based, Japanese-American artist, writer, and musician. Working with non-linear speculative mythologies into expanded performance, Whitfield embodies supernatural avatars through ritualistic world-building while channelling emotive narratives and songwriting. Her tentacular storytelling draws from microcosms of lived experience, expanding to political, ancestral, and more-than-human macrocosms.

To round up the night, also a performance by Adam Christensen, a multidisciplinary artist whose working practice is primarily realised through textiles, music and installation. He blurs the boundaries between everyday life and fiction. Based on his immediate experiences, coloured by the theatricality of the every day, the spectacle of domesticity, chance encounters and emotional and physical dramas, another live performance by Jrah and a DJ set from DJ Winggold.

More info and tickets here.

(Image courtesy of Futur.Shock)
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