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Exhibition: ‘Chasing Unborn Shadows’ at Gossamer Fog London

Text by CLOT Magazine

Kirin Protects the Lily, Furmaan Ahmed

Chasing Unborn Shadows is the coming exhibition at Gossamer Fog, one of the most interesting coming up galleries in the underground London scenes. This contemporary gallery focuses mainly on the intersection between technology, science and ecology. Chasing Unborn Shadows is curated by Zaiba Jabbar from Hervisions and is opening on February 14.

The exhibition includes works from Furmaan Ahmed, Snow Yunxue Fu, Dorine Van Meel, Deborah Mora, Tabita Rezaire, Anna Sophie De Vries, Paola Pinna, and Sofia Albina Novikof Unger. The exhibition revolves around the different types of memory, physical and digital, and how the subjective subconscious and spirituality of all are translated into a new consciousness by the interaction with technology.

As we negotiate our way around an ever-expanding digital space, we cast our gaze to witness the shadows of ourselves distorting as they pass over the contours of this networked infrastructure. The shadows are many, but they all stand alone, a collective consciousness awakened through connection to a psychic imaginary, this spirit knows no nature, but only unbridled power. A new unknown puppet master? […]

It is evident that our consciousness is now formed from an awareness of the virtual self-becoming a mirror to omnipresent epigenetic video memory and the new digital spirit. Unexplored cultural practices are performed as methods of experiencing the divine within digitally produced feminist mythologies, ones that chase unborn shadows, reimagining an existence we are yet to meet.

The cover image is from a new body of work by Furmaan Ahmed Kirin Protects the Lily, is an AR-based installation that weaves the planes of the earth, the sky and a virtual augmented consciousness. Ahmed accelerates the urgent need for the veneration of queer and polytheistic belief systems using the intricacy and algorithms of nature and the recycling nature of the energy of the earth. Including Sound Design by akataahlia, Pewter+ Copper Ornaments by hausofgugu and AR Reality by noordhanju.

The exhibition continues until March 1, 2020.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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