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New event series: Cluster Node x CLOT Magazine present PORTALS

Text by CLOT Magazine

To Light a Candle is to Cast a Shadow, Cluster Node (2023). Cover artwork by Stephen McLaughlin and Alistair Ramage

Cluster Node and CLOT Magazine join forces to launch PORTALS, a new concert series in London. The recently reimagined record label and one of the original publications dedicated to art/technology interactions and experimental art forms will open the first PORTAL on the 19th of October at the Glove that Fits.

Each portal will work as an ephemeral transitional state to experiment with alternative realities—ethereal conduits to transcend the ordinary into uncharted regions of the psyche and dreams. Citing William Blake, if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinitem, the organisers aim for this night to be a conduit for creativity and mind-opening performances.

The first event will include a lineup of ethereal experimentation, oneiric synths and evocative electronics, with Spivak, Kinn and Ghost Tracks.

This event launch precedes a new release by Cluster Node on November 22nd, To Light a Candle is to Cast a Shadow. This various artists’ compilation explores the intricate interplay between light and shadows, while being an evocative reflection of the duality of creation. Spivak, Ghost Tracks and An Trinse are among the artists included in the compilation. 

Cypriot synthesist and songwriter Maria Spivak is well known for her captivating and naive songwriting. Spivak’s work is a play on the nuances and poetics of pop, exploring themes that allude to her myth-inspiring heritage in a folk-tainted voyage of esoteric explorations. She skillfully navigates the delicate balance between surrendering to adversity and finding solace in life’s absurdity.

Contraposing to Spivak´s, experimental musician and composer Kinn finds their origins in the class struggles of early 00s Tottenham. Influences pulled from the post-rock soundtrack of this era are unmistakable among Kinn’s contemporary electronic aesthetics, deft musicianship, and state-of-the-art sound design. Unabashed in their creative ambition, Kinn’s tongue-in-cheek ‘dread-voyeurism’ is underpinned by a palpably sincere vulnerability that seeps through their dynamic and rewardingly dense records. 

With their sci-fi-inspired soundtracks, duo Ghost Tracks will evoke vivid and immersive imagery of futuristic dreams and imaginary worlds. Drawing upon their experiences in the art and music scenes, they have cultivated a passion for creating cinematic narratives through music and visuals. With acoustic and electronic instrumentation, soiled traces of noise and mixed modes of experimentation, their songs present a peculiar intimacy and effortlessness

Lastly, An Trinse will be showing some of the visuals from his latest project in the bar area. A new work in progress dealing with modern Northern Irish rituals and the abstraction of the conflict into meme space. 

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(Artwork by Stephen McLaughlin)
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