Wednesday Kim, The Aesthetics of Being Disappeared, 2019

Online exhibition: ‘R / V’ on Culturush website

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Wednesday Kim, The Aesthetics of Being Disappeared, 2019
The Aesthetics of Being Disappeared, Wednesday Kim, 2019

The online exhibition R / V  presents the works of five female artists that are investigating how humans nowadays inhabit social media, revealing the dynamics behind the continuous influence of the digital on users’ lives and perceptions. The show explores females’ current presence in the digital realm in the 21st century and how the online world is often becoming a hyperreal, virtual version of themselves. 

In this 21st hyperconnected century,  our offline version is a version of our online ourselves. We are the result of the content we follow and experience on social media. Through the works of the female artists Stacie Ant, Wednesday Kim, Chan Kayu, Haley Morris-Cafiero, and Emily Mulenga, the online exhibition R / V explores the personal and feminine relationship and inhabitancy of social media.

Stacie Ant’s 3D animation characters combine glossy outfits, excessive makeup and references to fashion and popular culture. And Ruby Gloom, the digital avatar of the 3D artist Chan Kayu questions the notion of the real and the authentic on online platforms.

Wednesday Kim’s video, The Aesthetics of Being Disappeared (2019), gives voice to Kim’s awkwardness when relating with others face-to-face. Haley Morris-Cafiero’s  The Bully Pulpit series underlines online bullies’ reactions to women’s bodies, while in Emily Mulenga’s Now that we know the world is ending soon…what are you gonna wear? (2019) The aesthetics of the 2000s online culture is incorporated with current interconnectedness and addictive digital presence.

R / V  is on view until July 19,  2020, on Culturush website.

(Media courtesy of Culturush and Wednesday Kim)
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