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Online talk: Quantum Computing, Arts & Entanglement by Libby Heaney

Text by CLOT Magazine

On the occasion of Berlin Science Week 2020 and presented by Light Art Space (LAS), artist and researcher Libby Heaney will give an introduction to quantum computing and how she uses quantum science and related technologies to develop her artworks. In her creative work, Heaney employs deep learning, virtual reality and natural language processing to confront themes as varied as online dating, political rhetoric and national identity. For her, artificial intelligence is nothing more than a very powerful tool.

AI is definitely a tool. It’s just very complex statistics. If we called art made by AI, creative statistics, I think the myths around AI being a co-creator will disappear. AI decision-making, therefore, fixes and cements historical and cultural biases. Where is the space for change and new possibilities? She asks.  Heaney‘s AI artworks explore this space, raise new questions, and propose alternatives.

In this lecture, Libby Heaney will give an insight into the basic elements of quantum computing and look at the exciting and challenging effects these developments may have for the future of making art. Her talk is followed by discussions with philosopher Prof. Jenann Ismael and quantum scientist Prof. Vlatko Vedral. Together, they will explore the impact quantum physics can have on our day-to-day reality when transposed from the microscopic to the macro world.

This online lecture is on November 5 at 6 pm CEST.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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