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Performance: A night of transcendence and esoteric sounds at Traumabar und Kino Berlin

Text by CLOT Magazine

Traumabar und Kino, the forward-thinking venue in Berlin, continues the program of unconventional concert series, this time leaning towards the meditative and esoteric on December 13, 2019. The night will present two side projects of two very respected names in the electronic music scene, who are exploring a spectrum of sounds in territories which may come as a surprise.

The Transcendence Orchestra is a collaborative project of Anthony Child [well known under his techno producer, Surgeon] and Daniel Bean of Bleep43. For this occasion, they have invited artist Darren Russell to join as well in an attempt to harmonize the acoustic and synthetic.

Both Child and Bean are well versed in arcane music and have a shared fondness for drones naturally, which has resulted in a project dedicated to exploring the effect of tone and improvisation on consciousness. Child combing synthesis with a panoply of esoteric acoustic instruments -disregarding pre-conceived ideas about what constitutes techno- and Bean’s ability to wrangle sounds from a diverse array of instruments via technology both old and new, they manage to produce a thick, multi-layered sound encapsulating elements of drone, trance, pulse, rhythm and melody subtly shifting all into a psychologically penetrating experience beyond the aesthetic and into the comforting unknown.

They are joined by Punctum – the synergistic duo of Caterina Barbieri and Carlo Maria Amadio, who rarify sound to a near-elemental level, exploring abyssal sonic spaces. Punctum takes an alien phenomenology approach to the naked sound of Roland TB303 and TR606 by stripping compositional tactics down to brutal minimalism. Thoom delves deep into a minimalistic narrative to round the line-up, mixing voice and drone.

The evening will begin and end with DJ sets by HATAM, – one half of the duo Hacklander \ Hatam, member of LABOUR and co-founder of the inspirational NK Projekt space in Berlin.

(Media courtesy of Taumabar und Kino)
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